Fat Chance - the film

A fifteen stone, forty nine year old, pizza binging single mother decides to lose weight and find love before she turns fifty.
Committed to the cause, it should be easy. Eat less, exercise more.  Banish Binging.  Despite the pounding and swinging of heavy breasts as she jogs, it should be achievable.

She jumps on the dieting roundabout and faces the devil of deprivation.  And with all this exercising, surely she deserves a little reward.  A pizza, a pie? How did this formerly petite Japanese woman turn into a fat, pizza loving, beer swilling, Aussie chick? 

Desperate, she finally consults a psychiatrist who takes her on a journey inwards to discover that emotional eating is about filling up the spiritual void.  Yuka heads back to Japan to reconcile with her mother, her America loving Dad and her own Japaneseness. 

She discovers more than her body; she finds herself.

Media Pressure everywhere. Photo: Kim Batterham.

"Public humiliation is the only way
I might succeed, can I kick the kilos,
or is it just a fat chance?"